Article - WMCB Communication protocol - 2021
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WMCB Communication protocol - 2021

Wmcb League Admin (wmcbadmin)

Important - WMCB Communication protocol 

Dear membership POCs,

We want to send this final reminder for communication To and From the Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board (WMCB).

As announced by the President, email remains the primary and official mode of communication to/from the League. 
Whether it be an inquiry, concern, or claim, send it to EC’s official email address via
 Official correspondence from the EC would always come via email.  Depending on the impact of the correspondence, it may be posted to secondary communication mechanisms such as WhatsApp groups, Facebook, and/or the official WMCB website.
WhatsApp Club Contact Group:

1.    For the EC
o    To send reminders, time-sensitive, and/or supplemental information to official correspondence (previously sent via email).
o    This is a one-way broadcast tool for EC to communicate the items mentioned above
2.    For the Club PoC’s
o    To stay connected with the EC and the league activities
o    POC’s asking time-sensitive questions around the game day, etc 
3.    General Discussion about the league
o    Please follow the general “Netiquette” when posting any comments within any of the WMCB organized WhatsApp groups.   
o    These rules will make you sound respectful, polite, and relevant in your comments.  Couple netiquettes are:
 Be respectful to EC and Other Members. All of them are putting in countless numbers of hours to provide you cricket every weekend, thank you and kindness will go a long way
 Mistakes/oversight do happen, no one is perfect but Keep the tone positive in these groups
 Absolutely no racial or derogatory statements towards another member
WhatsApp Umpiring Group:

1. Again, Umpiring Group is only to communicate time-sensitive information or notification by the UC
2. If you have any specific questions then send an email to, so UC can give a correct response with the right context

WhatsApp groups are NOT for?
   1. Anything that requires the official EC input/response.
   2. Forum for rants, issues, major inquiries, or specific questions that require EC input.  
   3. EC WILL remove any PoC for not complying or using foul or unwarranted tone/language in either of WMCB managed groups 
   4. If you are still unclear or not sure then reach out to the League Secretary or the President directly
Please take this communication protocol seriously and be a part of a positive cricket environment. 


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